Celina, Ohio

Foundation & Structural Repair in Celina, Ohio

Forever Foundation Repair serves all of Mercer County with independently owned and operated structural repair services. Our materials and methods for foundation repair, basement, and crawlspace waterproofing, or any structural repair need, is the best in the industry.
Foundation & Structural Repair in Celina, Ohio

Does your home sometimes feel more like an amphicar?

Let’s be honest, even these amphibious vehicles have issues with earth and water. Your foundation is much stronger but is still affected by the elements.
If you are noticing uneven floors, cracks in the side of your house or chimney, or musty smells in your basement, you are seeing or smelling signs of settlement. Symptoms like these worsen with momentum and compromise the structural integrity of your home.

Grand Lake Waterfront Seawalls

We specialize in a custom repair system for bowing water retaining walls. We work on waterfront properties all up and down the Maumee and on lakefront homes as well, with the only permanent solution you will find in Ohio.

Foundation Repair for Historic Homes

We specialize in creating custom foundation repair solutions for each unique problem a home may face. With care and precision, we keep an organized and clean workspace that will minimize intrusiveness.

Midwest Basement Waterproofing

We know our way around basements. With decades of experience working on wet and moldy basements, we provide the best solutions with the expertise to back it up.

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