Have you noticed the symptoms of a sinking foundation?

“Settling” is a term many homeowners are aware of but might not understand. It typically means the foundation is sinking. Floors with a noticeable slope, horizontal lines in cinder blocks that slant down or a basement floor caving in are obvious signs of settling, but there some that you might not be aware of, such as:

  • Sinking Foundation - Forever Foundation Repair Cracks in the walls of your basement or crawlspace foundation
  • Cracks in the floor of your basement
  • Cracks in drywall mainly around doors, windows, and doorways
  • Stair step cracks in exterior brick veneer
  • Cracks in floor/tile grout
  • Cracks in moldings
  • Sticky doors and windows
  • Sinking porches
  • Leaning chimneys
  • Sloping floors

Causes of a Sinking Foundation:

  • Poor drainage
  • Tree roots that create soil voids
  • Pour soil preparation before foundation installation
  • Drought
  • Soil hydrology
  • Soil layered vertical instead of horizontal

Water is a powerful force. It shapes and deepens rivers, and slowly eats away at rocks and packed soil. As you are probably aware, the Northwest Ohio Region was formerly known as the Great Black Swamp and was thought to be largely uninhabitable until modern technology made building and development possible. When it rains, it sometimes seems as if the swamp is attempting to reclaim its rightful territory. At times our homes take a hit and the foundation suffers sinking, buckling and ‘settling’.

Forever Foundation Repair has the tools and expertise to repair foundations with reliable and permanent solutions such as our helical piering systems. We strive to cause minimal soil disruption, while providing vital structural support to your foundation.

We can also improve your drainage system and soil hydrology to ensure that your foundation and the surrounding areas stand strong.