Does Your Basement show signs of leaking?

If your basement wall is leaking, you will know about it fairly quickly because you will see the moisture accumulating on the walls. If you do not frequently go into your basement you will likely smell the musty odors in your home before you see the leak.

The Cause of Water in your Basement:

  • Leaky Walls - Forever Foundation RepairCracks in the basement walls
  • No exterior waterproofing allows water to penetrate the walls
  • Failed old clay footer tile leaving the water with no place to drain
  • A failing sump pump or undersized sump pit
  • Area around utility line running through walls/ sewer line or water line
  • A seam or crack at the base of floor where floor meets wall
  • Water can come over top of the wall when mulch bed is too high
  • Floor cracks
  • Walls ties that was used to connect concrete forms that can leave small cracks
  • Over or through windows
  • Poor drainage

Even though cinder block and concrete look solid, they can leak like a sieve. Groundwater, especially abundant, exerts enormous pressure on basement walls and forces its way through tiny holes you may not see. Poor drainage in your yard around the home can allow water to come in as well and find those cracks and pores.

Our Solutions:

  • Interior and exterior basement waterproofing
  • Crack injections
  • Sealed sump pits
  • Correctly sized sump pump
  • Window well drains

Forever Foundation Repair offers reasonably priced drainage systems for each of the various reasons that moisture seeps into your home. Contact us for a free estimate to review the options available to you and your situation.