In some cases, foundations cannot be repaired, but need to be completely replaced.

An older foundation with flagstone or block may show signs of major shifting or crumbling and cannot be repaired, but may need to be replaced. Forever Foundation Repair is experienced, equipped, and ready to install new walls that come with a 20-year warranty to your and your family.

Our no pain process:

  • Mark utility lines
  • Excavate around foundation
  • Install steel beams and cribbing
  • Lift house off foundation ¼” and level if needed
  • Remove old foundation
  • Pour new footer
  • Lay block foundation up to seal plate reinforced with rebar
  • Wall dries for 5 days
  • Coat walls with rubber
  • Wrap walls with water barrier
  • Haul away debris, backfill with existing soil

Call for a no obligation consultation today before any damage gets worse and endangers your family.