A home with a sinking foundation is a scary issue. We will eliminate the fear and give you confidence in a firm foundation.

Topsoil is less stable than soil that is found deeper underground. A solution to that is to strategically attach helical piers to your foundation and anchor them 10 to 40 feet deep into the more stable soil layers to help bring strength to your foundation.

Helical Piers - Forever Foundation RepairOur quick and simple process:

  • Utility lines marked in working area
  • Mini excavator digs beside foundation to expose footer
  • Footer is cut and prepared for the helical pier bracket
  • Helical piers are drilled down to load bearing soil beside the footer at a controlled pitch
  • Lead and extension shaft transmit torque during installation and transfer axial load to helical plate(s)
  • Repair bracket is attached to foundation and connected to helical pier
  • Jack stand is attached to helical piers system to lift foundation transferring load to helical plates in load bearing soil
  • Job site backfilled and cleaned up

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