We replace basement walls and bring you peace of mind, a warranty, and stability.

There are times when basement walls can become damaged or too old and cannot be safely repaired. Forever Foundation Repair provides a 15-year warranty to you and your family when installing new basement walls.

Our Safe Process

  • Excavate soil away from house
  • Support and lift house a ¼” using steel beams and cribbing
  • Remove old basement walls
  • Pour new concrete footers if needed
  • Install anchor bolts in seal plate
  • Pour concrete walls
  • Allow walls to dry 7-10 days
  • Cover walls with rubberized coating
  • Wrap walls with delta water barrier
  • Install 4” crush resistant tile around footer
  • Tie tile into sump pit and pump system with optional battery backup system
  • Backfill with stone 80% and dirt to grade
  • Trench downspouts away from house

We provide a no obligation consultation to help you determine the best process to prevent further damage to your home.