Interior Basement Waterproofing in Findlay, Ohio

A homeowner in Findlay, Ohio, had a home built in the early 1900s that had water pouring through the walls as seen in the pictures. The floors were covered in water and had bowing basement walls. The owner hired us here at Forever Foundation Repair to install interior basement waterproofing and stabilize the bowing basement walls.

The floors were cut around the inside perimeter of the basement and the concrete was removed. The trench was dug beside the footer, dirt shield installed, perforated tile installed on top of dirt shield beside footer, holes drilled in the block cores to drain the block walls, sealed sump system with a clear seal lid installed, and concrete covered the sealed interior drainage system to match the existing floor. 12 Galvanized steel beams with torque bracket were installed, with the sealed drainage system installed beside the footer lower than the floor, the drainage system will collect water from the walls and under the floor. The homeowner now has a dry basement with a lifetime warranty, and structurally solid basement walls reinforced with galvanized steel beams backed with a 25-year warranty.