A basement in Minster, Ohio had a rear basement wall that was severely bowed, leaving the exterior brick nearly falling off the house. Water was pouring through the basement windows and cracks. Forever Foundation Repair excavated the side and rear basement walls and installed 11 galvanized steel beams and bracket systems. Using the steel beam torque bracket system, we pushed the rear concrete wall and exterior brick veneer back in place. We then epoxied the cracks from the outside, coated the walls with rubber, wrapped the walls with a water barrier, installed an outside sump pump system with perforated smooth wall tiles along the footer, and installed window wells with stone up to the well, so water drains down to the footer tiles and not through the window. Finally, we backfilled the job, and this basement wall in Minster, Ohio will never move or leak again. If you live in Minster, Ohio, and have a bowed basement wall or leaking basement that requires basement waterproofing, don’t hesitate to call Forever Foundation Repair.