A homeowner in Lima, Ohio saw Forever Foundation Repair working at his neighbor’s house and called us to inspect his home. Forever Foundation Repair discovered the rear and side basement wall was bowed tilting in approximately 3 inches, causing the concrete basement walls to severally crack, and the slab foundation off the side of the house was sinking. Forever Foundation Repair stabilized the sinking foundation with 14 helical piers, drilled 34 feet into load barring, slightly lifted the foundation, and then backfilled. Putting things back the way they were to stabilize the basement walls, 11 galvanized steel beams, and bracket systems were installed to prevent further movement. All the cracks in the basement walls were sealed with the same products used on the Hoover Damn (low-pressure epoxy injection). This customer now has a 35-year structural warranty on the basement and a 25-year no movement warranty on their slab foundation.