A local business owner saw Forever Foundation Repair working down the road and noticed that we were wrapping a basement wall with a water barrier to keep the water off, and he knew we were in business to do it right. A previous local basement/contracting company had excavated the basement before and coated the wall with a sealer without properly cleaning the wall first, and then backfilled along the basement wall with stone. This 100% caused two major issues: the sealer was falling off and the 100% stone backfill allowed all of the rain water to drain directly to the footer tile, repeatedly flooding out the sump basin. When exterior waterproofing, you should always wrap the wall and never do 100% stone backfill because it allows too much water drainage. There should always be two feet of dirt to allow the water to first run away before it has to drain to the footing.

Forever Foundation Repair excavated along the basement wall, pressure washed the walls clean, coated the walls with rubberized coating, wrapped walls with delta water barrier, installed perforated triple wall smooth wall footer tile, and backfilled with stone. 80% and dirt to grade, this basement will never leak again, and it will stay very dry with little to no humidity. When Forever Foundation Repair waterproofs a basement, we seal the walls and wrap the walls with a water barrier to keep all water off the walls. If you want a dry healthy living space, be sure to call Forever Foundation Repair to waterproof your basement.