A homeowner had a leaky basement in Defiance, Ohio.  At first, another company attempted to waterproof the basement and stabilize the walls. Unfortunately, it was done incorrectly. The rear basement wall pushed in 6 inches, causing the rear brick veneer to start shifting off the house. The side basement wall under the garage floor was also pushing in. The rear wall was excavated, and the side basement wall in the garage was excavated to expose the walls. The side basement wall was along the steps, where steel beams could not be installed with a normal bracket. Forever Foundation Repair installed two helical tiebacks and drilled 20 feet into the soil, connecting the anchors to the beams to straighten the basement wall. We then installed 14 additional galvanized steel beam systems, straightened all the walls, and waterproofed the basement. This basement in Defiance, Ohio will never leak or shift again. If you live in Defiance, Ohio, be sure to call Forever Foundation Repair for all of your basement waterproofing, bowing basement walls, sinking foundation repair, and helical pier needs.