We are a local company that repairs your home’s foundation

Since 2005, Forever Foundation Repair has faithfully served the greater Northwest Ohio area as a family owned and operated business. Because we are a local company, we understand the particular issues of the regional soil as it relates to waterproofing and foundation needs.

We are not the result of a franchise, which means we are more concerned with quality and reliability rather than opening a new franchise or branching out to a new area to serve.

As your neighbors, we know that this area was formerly the Great Black Swamp and the measures that were taken over 100 years ago to make it habitable. Because we are local, we understand what this soil situation means to our foundations, basements, and seawalls. When the storms come and the snow melts it often feels as if the soil is trying to reclaim its previous territory and work its way back into your home through any means necessary.

We offer waterproofing for homeowners with damp, leaky, moldy, and mildewy basements and crawlspaces. Whether you have foundation or basement waterproofing needs, our experienced team is ready to help. We can accurately identify your problems and offer you permanent and reliable solutions. We answer any and all questions and work hard to ensure that you are comfortable with the process and know what to expect from the work we are doing.

We have solutions for bowing basement walls, crumbling foundations and all other stability issues that can cause concern and worry. Your peace of mind is our top priority.

We’re an accredited member of the BBB, and we have all the licensing and insurance requirements for foundation repair in our areas of service.

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